Why We Want to Help You

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality counseling for residents, while helping them to live life as independently as possible physically, emotionally, and socially.

We believe that all persons, at any age, should be able to live a life based on healthy, realistic possibilities, rather than pre-defined limitations.

We care about developing a lasting relationship with each individual client while striving to help you reach the goals you set for a richly independent life filled with happiness, peace, and family support.

Hear from our staff about why they love helping our clients:

“I care about what we do because I work to treat each client as if they were my own grandma/grandpa, mom or dad. How would I want them treated if they came into any medical office or called our office looking for help? It is an under-served population and I enjoy being a smile for them on any given day. I believe our therapists are treating them with compassion, kindness and respect to help them have the best quality of life possible. I try to understand that they have chosen our services over other choices available. I serve each potential client as an

Office Managerindividual and hope that they feel valued and respected no matter what their clinical needs are.”
-Natalie, Office Manager

“I love the work I do with clients because they have such wisdom and experience. They are striving to maintain their dignity and seek connections with friends and family. Sometimes they are confused by the changing social norms and need

Melissa Huemmerto understand how to ask for what they hope to have. We all deserve to be heard even if we cannot have what we are asking for due to health or safety issues.”
-Melissa, Clinical Director

“I love what I do because I make a positive difference in people’s lives. My clients are interesting, committed and make my life full!”
-Anne, Chapel Hill Therapist

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