Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most common questions.  If you have an additional question, please fill out the form at the bottom.

Question: Why would therapy help me?

Answer: You have been through some changes with your health, a move or the loss of a companion, human or pet and that takes some adjusting.  Silver Linings can help you process all those changes and communicate your feelings and wishes with your family or support team.  This means you get to continue to maintain as much freedom, independence, and joy as possible.

Question: How do I afford therapy?

Answer: We check out insurance coverage before we begin and most people have a deductible and sometimes a co-pay of between $20-40 which we let you know up front.

Question: How long will I need therapy?

Answer: This is an individual decision based on goals that each client sets with their therapist.  It also depends on trust, willingness to share thoughts and feelings and being open to new ways of thinking about situations.

Question: Do we see clients that are not considered “seniors”?

Answer: Yes! We are here to help our clients through the challenges of aging.  We do not have an age restriction but focus on clients that are in an older life stage.  Whether it is helping to find a purpose after retirement, handling a new medical diagnosis, grief, and loss, or more, we are here to help with the problems we encounter as we age.

Question: What would a therapist do if they came to see me?

Answer:  “The first session is about getting to know each other and deciding if we can work well together. I ask what the client wants to address or what concerns the family has, and we see if we can set some goals and agree to move forward. Sessions are conversations about what is weighing on the client, the issues they want to resolve and processing their feelings so that they can live the life they want and deal with the changes they are experiencing.” Melissa, Clinical Director, and Therapist

Question: What are the details of the services we provide?

Answer: We provide individual and family counseling services in private homes, senior living communities, and our Cary office throughout most of central North Carolina.

Question: Do we provide services to caregivers?

Answer: Yes! Caregivers need support too! We are here to support, guide, and provide an outlet to help prevent caregiver burnout.

Question: How will I know if the therapist is seeing mom/dad?

Answer: With the client’s permission, we are happy to update you on their sessions.

Question: What insurances do we accept?

Answer: We accept all insurances.  We are in-network with Medicare, and will gladly check your insurance before services begin, as we do not wish to be another stressor in your life. To read more about our insurance options click here. 

Question: If I want to make a referral, how would I go about doing that?

Answer: Please go to our Make a Referral page, or call 919-948-7718.  You may also read our referral process here.

Question: Can you help my family cope with my parent’s situation and/or diagnosis?

Answer: Yes! We help our clients through life changes and help provide the support they need during difficult times.

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