A Word From our Founder

I’m Ann Marie Sochia, founder of Silver Linings for Seniors, Inc.,  I welcome you to this site and offer a brief description of how and why Silver Linings came into being.

After establishing a successful holistic mental health counseling and wellness practice called Waves of Change, in Cary, NC, I began to see the need for a similar approach dedicated to meeting the needs of our elder population.

As people age, they often experience some form of stress, loss, and grief, and discover it’s harder to adjust to life’s challenges and find it hard to cope with the uncharted road ahead. It’s a time when family and friends begin to struggle as their loved ones start to change, physically, mentally or spiritually.

After being approached by a local senior residence community, I began to work with the Director of Wellness in that community to create a program and company specially designed to serve the elder population and their families. Silver Linings for Seniors, Inc. is the result of our efforts.  Throughout this site, you will find detailed information about our services as they all focus on seniors, their families and community agencies that work with this population. These services include counseling in both individual and family sessions, loss and grief support, assessment, cognitive counseling, possible medication management and psychiatric serves and much more.

Whether your home is in an assisted living facility, retirement community, or a private home, if you find that you have questions or concerns about your mental state or need help with your medication management with the assistance of a Licensed Psychiatrist please reach out. Silver Linings offers confidential on and off-site services to meet your needs, and we accept several major insurances including Medicare and self-pay.  At Silver Linings we specialize in counseling the elderly, and also offer counseling support services to their loved ones.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Sochia, MS, LCMHC, NLP, CHT

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