Who We Are

Silver Linings for Seniors, Inc is the practice management company of the Office of Kristin McArthur, MD, PLLC. This means we assist them with marketing, managing, and billing. Silver Linings for Seniors does all of the office work for the practice, while the practice does all of the medical work.

Silver Linings for Seniors is also a therapy organization specializing in seniors.  We focus on helping seniors through trying times, and difficult relationships to find happier days.

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Qualifications of Staff

All of our therapists are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with a background specialized in seniors. This means that they have a Masters level of education with direct clinical experience. Through their education and experience, they learn how to help clients through trauma, provide them with resources and extra support, and offer several different therapeutic techniques.

Our Psychiatrist is not only board certified in general psychiatry, but also geriatric psychiatry. This means that she is not only certified to medically treat mental health, but also has another level of experience and education to specifically help older adults.



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