What We Provide

This page provides links to information about the services and programs we provide.

At Silver Linings we are dedicated to providing individual and group therapy services and programs with exceptional results.  To this end we work with an interdisciplinary team of professionals committed to the special needs of the elderly population.  This team often includes your Primary Doctor, Psychiatrist, Community Director, and Physical Therapist and others as appropriate with your permission of course.  At Silver Linings we are dedicated to respecting your rights to privacy and follow all HIPAA guidelines (see Your Privacy (Confidentiality).

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Referral Service

Assessment and Evaluation

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Medication Management


Mindfulness and Meditation

Social Events

For Seniors

A direct message for Seniors describing the services and programs from their perspective.

For the Family

A description of services and programs offered for their Senior loved one as well as for the family members.

For Residence Management

A message to Residence Management that outlines Silver Linings’ offerings for their establishment.