Our Caring Team

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Dr. Kristin D. McArthur Geriatric Psychiatrist

Dr. McArthur graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle for both undergraduate and medical school. She completed her general psychiatry residency at the University of Washington Hospitals and served as chief
resident for admissions. After working for a year in general outpatient psychiatry, she completed her fellowship in geriatric psychiatry at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She briefly worked as a clinical instructor at the University of Michigan in outpatient geriatric psychiatry before moving to North Carolina. She is board certified in general and geriatric psychiatry. Interests include care of older patients with dementia, depression, and anxiety; collaborative care models; and telepsychiatry.

Outside work, Dr. McArthur enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and attempting to make a garden. She can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Psychologist. Dr. Mary Jane

Dr. Mary Jane Jeannotte

Dr. Mary E. Jeannotte is a Licensed Psychologist with 20 plus years experience working with adolescents, adults, and older folks in psychotherapy. I have a passion for working with older folks, having a keen sense for understanding their unique challenges and concerns.

My training in psychodynamic psychotherapy helps me to ferret out the underlying issues that complicate current life needs.  My strength in assessing “what is getting in the way emotionally)” helps guide how long the work will be, either short term solution focused or longer term resolution of grief, anger, depression or anxiety.  I look forward to working with you, so please reach out today. I can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Divinty MS Kelli Stewart

Kelli Stewart

Kelli Stewart has a Master of Divinity degree and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a retired military veteran with 20 years of service. Formerly a chaplain’s assistant in the Army, Kelli has experience working in varied settings such as faith based groups, churches, assisted and skilled nursing homes, hospice, outpatient children’s facilities and private practice.

After obtaining her BS in psychology, Kelli later graduated from Rutgers University and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She recently was educated on natural approaches to health at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, became an IRLEN Syndrome screener and was trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Kelli has over 18 years of experience in the counseling profession. Kelli can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Safiyyah Feaster therapist

Safiyyah Feaster

Safiyyah Feaster is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with nearly 10 years experience working with individuals, children and families. She utilizes numerous treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Therapy.  Her areas of expertise are trauma, grief/loss, depression and anxiety.

Safiyyah received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Master in Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She started her work with older adults at Senior Services for Seniors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and her passion for the elderly population has grown throughout her career. Safiyyah believes that each person is valuable and welcomes the opportunity to walk with individuals towards a life of purpose and fulfillment. Safiyyah can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Fran Truitt LCSW

Fran Truitt

Fran Truitt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years experience working with diverse populations in a variety of settings.  She utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Supportive Counseling.  She enjoys helping people identify and build on their strengths in order to reach their goals and live life to the fullest extent possible.   Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, spirituality, and grief.

Fran earned her Masters of Social Work degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a concentration in Individuals, Families, and Groups, and her BS degree in Psychology from Barton College.  She enjoys working with individuals and families from all walks of life.  In addition to her professional training and experience, she has personal experience with her own aging family members.  She considers her personal experiences and lessons learned from those she counsels to be her most valuable training.  Fran can be reached at 919-948-7718.


Mayela Harris

Mayela Harris is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with children, families and seniors for 30 years. She has a BS in psychology from St. Lawrence University and an MS in social welfare from SUNY @ Albany, NY. She is fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Mayela has devoted her career to empowering individuals to improved well-being and life satisfaction. “I am a strong proponent of allowing people to make their own decisions and work toward their goals at their own pace.”  Her favorite saying is “I can stand alone … But I am at my most powerful when I am holding someone else’s hand.”

Mayela worked for 13 years with difficult children and families in a variety of settings and the past 17 years for hospice and palliative care providing individual and family therapy in patients’ homes, nursing homes or hospital settings. Mayela enjoys an active lifestyle with her two Jack Russell terriers, playing tennis, hiking and swimming with an appreciation of photography and the creative arts.  Mayela can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Cynthia Avery Hardy LCSW

Cynthia Avery Hardy

Cynthia Avery Hardy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience working with adults and their families to achieve healthy solutions to life’s transitions. She received her BA degree from Boston University and her Master’s in Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She has also been a Social Work Field Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina, and Meredith College.

Her varied clinical background includes social work practice for the last 15 years in the Raleigh area and has been in medical, outpatient, and community settings. Her belief is in a counseling focus to heal through insight to personal strengths, thus enabling healthy behaviors for ultimate life satisfaction. Her primary approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, guided imagery, and mindfulness. Cynthia has special interest in the areas of life adjustment, grief, depression, anxiety, spirituality, and family issues affecting quality of life. The role of developing a trusting, open, safe relationship to enable change is key to the counseling approach she advocates in all of her experiences with clients. Her passion is helping people heal and be open to possibilities. Cynthia can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Margo Arrowsmith

Margo Arrowsmith

Margo Arrowsmith has 35 years experience working with individuals and families.  A graduate of Hunter College School of Social Work, she has numerous post graduate training and certifications, including being an ordained Interfaith Contemplative Minister and certified to do Jungian dream groups.

Margo started her work with older people at the Essex County Parks Department, in Newark, NJ, in a recreation program with emphasis on education and physical activity.  Margo practices individual, family and group work with older persons.  Margo can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Anne E. O'Connor

Anne E. O’Connor

Anne O’Connor has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with people in independent, assisted and skilled nursing homes for the last 8 years.  Anne O’Connor comes from Boston and is grateful for all the opportunities to learn and practice her specialties.

She has a BA in English and a M.Ed. in Secondary Education, which she used to teach for many years.  Along the way Anne became a human relations facilitator and learned about many different cultures and personality.  This experience led her to social work. She often says her clients have taught her so much not taught in schools but is of essential value. Anne can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Melissa Huemmer

Melissa Huemmer

Melissa Huemmer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s degree from the University of North Carolina.  She has been providing individual, group and family counseling in a variety of settings throughout her career.  Melissa specializes in working with transitions, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and social skills.  She also works with care providers and the elderly around balance and changing life perspectives and stress management.

“I believe that everyone is an individual with their own needs and goals and that we sometimes need to step back, see where we want to go in life and take a look at what may be preventing us from achieving our own sense of purpose and happiness.”  Melissa is skilled in a variety of approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.  Melissa can be reached at 919-948-7718.

Paige Van Lenten, Relationship Manager

Paige Van Lenten,
Marketing Relationship Manager

Paige Van Lenten, Marketing Relationship Manager, is Silver Linings’ liaison with our customer facilities directors.  In that role, she is often the first person any of the facilities’ personnel meets.  She is responsible for organizing and giving presentations to staff and clients in the facilities as well as meeting and presenting Silver Linings to community and corporate organizations.

Paige’s specialties are business strategy development, marketing, and customer relationship management. Her role is focused on marketing and business process management. Paige’s most recent experiences include building a successful direct sales organization. During those years, she developed her love of sales and developing her team.  Prior to that, she held Administrative leadership roles in the utility industry. She has also served the community in many volunteer leadership roles with the Junior League of Raleigh, her children’s school PTA and her church.

Paige has a BS in Management from Georgia Tech with a focus in Marketing and Leadership. Paige brings over 20 years of relationship building and leadership to Silver Linings. Paige can be reached at 919-757-6498.

Marketing Relationship Specialist

Sandy Bowen
Marketing Relationship Specialist

As Marketing Relationship Specialist, Sandy Bowen is a Silver Linings’ liaison with customer facilities directors. In that role, she is often the first person any of the facilities’ personnel meets. She is responsible for organizing and giving presentations to staff and clients in the facilities as well as meeting and presenting Silver Linings to community and corporate organizations.

Sandy brings over twenty years experience to her role at Silver Linings. For Sandy, customer service is the number one priority, and her dedication will serve Silver Linings customers well. Sandy’s most recent positions involved marketing strategy, team work, and excellent customer service to achieve business goals. She used her leadership and skills to grow a team in her direct sales business. Sandy enjoys volunteering in her local school system and church. She has also held leadership positions through her volunteer experience.

Sandy has a BS in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Sandy has many years of marketing experience from her direct sales business and most recently in a retail environment. Sandy can be reached at 919-757-6498.

Billing Manager

Sharon Wiwel
Billing Manager

Sharon Wiwel, Billing Manager, is Silver Linings’ liaison with Medicare, private insurance companies and clients. In this role, she aids clients in understanding the insurance processes and procedures and the role of therapists in ensuring that SL receives reimbursement for services. Her specialties are business/marketing strategy development, customer relationship management, and financial analysis.

Sharon is focused on ensuring a seamless relationship between Silver Linings, Medicare and private insurance companies, and self-pay clients.  Prior to joining Silver Linings, Sharon has held marketing and business analyst positions at IBM, Lenovo, and First Citizens Bank. She has also served the community in many volunteer leadership roles in her church, the Guatemalan Student Support Group and The Trilogy School.  Sharon has a MA in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on business and marketing analysis.  Sharon brings over 20 years of financial analysis and leadership experience to Silver Linings. Sharon can be reached at 919-457-1598.

Natalie Swann, Office Manager

Natalie Swann
Office Manager

Natalie M. Swann is our Silver Linings Office Manager. As such, she is responsible for helping you with the initial steps in the process of receiving services from our team of therapists. She is the voice you will hear when contacting our office and the face that will greet you upon entering our Cary location.  In this role, she cheerfully answers your questions about the services Silver Linings offers to the community and listens to your needs to see how our services can help you and/or your loved one get to a more positive place during this phase of life.

Natalie has been in the customer service industry for over 20 years and has a passion for the Silver Linings mission. As such she is intent on making sure you receive a positive customer experience when contacting our office.  Natalie’s most recent experiences include building a successful direct sales team, as well as working in merchandising and customer satisfaction.  Natalie has also held several management positions throughout her customer service career.

Natalie has a BS in Biological Science with a Nutrition Concentration from North Carolina State University. She brings over 20 years of customer service experience and leadership to Silver Linings. Natalie can be reached at 919-948-7718.