Intro To Psychiatry

Please note, the Psychiatry Practice of Dr. McArthur does not have any openings for new psychiatric patients.

Silver Linings for Seniors, Inc is the practice management company of the Office of Kristin McArthur, MD, PLLC. This means we assist them with marketing, managing, and billing. Silver Linings for Seniors does all of the office work for the practice, while the practice does all of the medical work.

The Office of Kristin McArthur, MD, PLLC is here to help address your mental health concerns from a medical and medication standpoint. We have experience working with seniors, and the different problems our seniors face as they age. Our compassionate team is focused on helping our clients age with the proper support and attention from a holistic approach. We like to make sure all of your medications are working well for you, as well as working well together. We also work with our client’s care partners to ensure that they are getting a collaborative approach, as long as our clients provide permission.

What to know what a psychiatry session looks like? Click Here!

Our Psychiatrist only provides services in the Silver Linings for Seniors’ office in Cary.

Meet Our Practice

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