How We Can Help You

We can help navigate difficult times, solve problems, cope with changes, and improve difficult relationships.  We help through individual and family counseling to help provide support, comfort, and advocacy for our clients.

How We Help Seniors

As we age, there are a lot of changes and new situations that we encounter. Our support systems and relationships change, we may encounter new medical concerns to process and cope with, we may need to move or downsize. These changes can cause a lot of stress and emotion, and we are here to help you navigate these difficulties. Through therapy and psychiatry, we can help make each day better than the last.

We do not require that our clients are senior age. We are happy to help caregivers, loved ones, and older adults. We focus more on the senior life stage, then a specific age. For some people, they may be encountering medical challenges or lack of purpose due to retirement or disability, before they reach 65. We want to make sure you receive the right support you need to find your golden years!

How We Help Families

We are here to help families of seniors feel supported as their loved ones go through this difficult time. Whether that is assisting families in sessions with their loved ones, or separately, we want to help.

Family Counseling - Services

When helping families and seniors as one unit, our goal is to help families work better together and open up to each other as they are facing these hard times. We can help families work through the changing relationships and have challenging conversations, such as removing car keys or taking over billing payments. Also, roles within the family may need to be negotiated differently and when, and how to do this, is a balancing act that we can assist with.

We can also help family without seeing the senior as a client.  We can assist with the different things you may be feeling as your loved one ages. Whether it is frustration over who they currently are, or sadness about the future, or fear of being alone, we are here to help guide and help.

How We Help Senior Living Communities

We are here to help your residents be more engaged in life and happier, and in turn, help your facility be a happier community! Often residents feel overwhelmed with the change, angry at the circumstance, or lonely and uncomfortable upon moving into a new senior living community. Whether it is moving from their home of several years, out of state, or just moving down the street, the move can cause a lot of emotions and concerns. Therapy can help make the transition smoother and the resident feel more supported. We also assist residents that are spending more time in their rooms, struggling to get involved in the community, becoming more agitated or other concerns to help them adjust better to their new homes and provide a new support system.

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