The Role of the Family

Our family program focuses on your role as a member of the family as it regards the well being of your Senior member.  As people age it is even more important that the family be involved, not only in wanting the best care for your loved one, but also in the decisions that lie ahead.

Helping with the Big Decisions

At Silver Linings we understand it is often difficult to watch your loved ones as they change during the aging process.  We also understand it is hard to have to make decisions or be involved in making decisions about what is best for your aging parent and for the entire family.

family group

Decisions that affect the entire family


Possibly one of the early decisions will have to do with housing.  Can your mom or dad continue to live independently in their own home?  Do they want to?  What about living with other family members?  These are the kinds of decisions that create stress, not only for the seniors involved, but for the entire family. Whether your decision is to remain in the family home or to move to a residence community, it’s important that you investigate the kind and levels of services available to help all of you through the stressful times. We can help you develop the skills to address the everyday needs and challenges that you will see, and be part of, as your loved one continues through the aging process.  Reach out.  We at Silver Linings are here to help.

Family Counseling Program

Silver Linings Counselors provide assessment and counseling to the family members and caregivers, as well as the Senior, to help them resolve their concerns and work through this time of challenging changes.  These services are delivered in your home, our offices, or in the retirement community settings as appropriate. Our Family Counseling program helps the entire family navigate as the family moves through:

    • Experiencing difficulties with activities of daily living
    • Adjusting to new Environments
    • Resolving family Issues
    • Coping with mood Changes
    • Dealing with changes in health
    • Improving interpersonal relationships
    • Loss and grief
    • Improving cognitive functioning