The Way It Used To Be

Until the past few decades it was common for families to have several generations living together in the same household, taking care of the children and, when the time came, their senior family members. However in today’s times the trend has changed and more and more seniors are living away from their homes and families in retirement communities, assisted living, independent living facilities, and hospice centers.

Seniors who have devoted much of their lives to caring for their families and being a regular part of the family’s live and activities, often experience profound feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Because they miss the regular interaction with family members, the seniors living apart may have a sense of being unloved and less cared about, which can often lead to depression and other serious mental health concerns.

How Loved Ones Can Help

However, with support from family and loved ones the feelings of isolation and feeling unloved can often be avoided.  Support and attention can come in many forms, for example, weekly visits, providing companionship, help with groceries and daily chores, emotional support, just talking and listening to stories about family traditions and the “good old times.”

Support and attention are vital to everyone’s happiness, but especially so for seniors living away from their family and loved ones.  Without this support and attention many common health concerns can and will go unnoticed.  Some examples of this are declining cognitive functioning, lack of proper nutrition, anxiety, stress, adjustment concerns, and depression.  Left untreated minor ailments and can turn into serious health concerns, beginning mental issues can blossom into major depression or other disorders.

If you are concerned about your family member, it’s your turn to “Reach out” – first to your senior family member, then to Silver Linings so that we can offer help when you cannot be there.