Introducing Nurse Practitioners

We have something important to share with you! Nurse Practitioners seeing clients all over the Triangle starting April 24th!

We now have 2 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners serving the Triangle! We can now provide medication management throughout Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham county! Our experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners will be able to help clients in private homes, senior living communities, and our office in Cary.

Introducing Paula Sumner FNP-BC, CS

Paula Sumner FNP-BC, CS is a Nurse Practitioner who is interested in delivering care to seniors. Her approach is holistic.  She believes every person has a story to tell, and in telling that story mental, physical, and spiritual health may find balance. Paula has experience in medication management, working with people who have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disturbances.  Paula is interested in End Of Life work, hospice work, care coordination of services. She is trained in hypnotherapy, stress management, Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. Some approaches include Healing Touch, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and hypnosis.

We are excited to have Paula as part of our team, and she will be serving the Chapel Hill/Durham Region, as well as seeing clients in our Cary office!

Introducing Virginia Ann Woolfson, BSN, MSN, BCNP

Virginia Ann Woolfson, BSN, MSN, BCNP, prefers to be called Ginny. She has her BSN and MSN from Northeastern University.  She is a Board Certified Nurse Practiitioner in Primary Adult Geriatric Care.  Ginny Grew up in Medford, MA, and moved to the Triangle area two years ago for the great weather and health-care facilities. She loves being outdoors in nature, whether its walking or hiking, or spending time in the water!

We are excited to have Ginny as part of our team, and she will be serving the Raelgih/Cary Region, as well as seeing clients in our Cary office!


The referral process for our our psychiatric team is the same as the referral process for our therapists.  If you have any questions, or wish to learn more, please reach out! or 919-757-6498

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