Our Caring Team:

Dedicated to Serving Seniors

Silver Linings for Seniors, Inc. was founded on a principle of service to a very specific group of deserving people – the senior members of our communities. Since our beginnings in the Cary/Morrisville community in 2015, we have shown steady growth. As Silver Linings became known throughout North Carolina, we  began to receive requests from senior facilities, physicians, and others in the senior health agencies to bring our dedicated therapists to their communities. Because of the need to provide only the best possible care, we have had to take cautious steps to ensure we can find therapists and staff who are dedicated to seniors and can provide the same level of care to new regions.

Silver Linings Service Locations: Expanded Regions, Expanded Care

Locations covered by Silver Linings Staff

We have thus begun to expand our services to new locations.  Each of these locations will have dedicated therapists and a psychiatric team that specializes in Geriatric therapy and other services. Each region will be assigned a Marketing Relationship Specialist, who is responsible for building brand name awareness and ensuring excellent customer service. They are that region’s main point of contact for interactions with Silver Linings for Seniors. Call us at 919-948-7718 to learn the name of your Relationship Specialist.

Meet our Personnel – Office Staff, Psychiatric Team, and Therapeutic Team

The personnel for each location are introduced on separate pages. Each page provides the names, photos, and bios of all the therapist, psychologists, and staff for that region. In addition the Silver Linings Office Staff, located in Cary can be found on a separate page.